Link to CAD generated chain image

Plastic Safety Chain & Rope

This brightly colored plastic chain is mainly used for non-structural purposes; such as a barrier or to guide traffic. Chain is durable, lightweight and weather resistant; and made from high-density polyethylene containing UV inhibitors to resist fading and becoming brittle for a minimum of 5 years.

Reflective safety rope and hardware are a great option as well. Rope is available in yellow or black. Hardware to be used with the rope and chain can be seen here.

Safety Chain Color Length
Link (inches)
8007BK Black 2
8007OR Orange 2
8007R Red 2
8007W White 2
8007 Yellow 2
8007Y-3 Yellow 3

Safety Rope
Color Width
Rope (inches)
ROPE-5-BK Black .50
ROPE-5-YW Yellow .50