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Notched Channel Covers for Aluminum Risers

Concast's cable risers are installed with Concast trench, and provide a means of elevating cabling from the trench and into a control house.  This usually requires an opening (notch) in the the channel cover.  These bases are designed to allow easy removal of the riser door  and base for field maintenance work.  Many other sizes are available upon request.

ATN Cover
Pedestrian Chnl
PT Channel
LTAN Cover
LT & HT3 Channel
HTAN Cover
HT Channel
CR-10-8-XX 8011ATN (12X8) 8011PTATN (12X8) 8011LTAN (12X8) 8011HTAN (12X8)
CR-20-12-XX 8021ATN (22X12) 8021PTATN (22X12) 8021LTAN (22X12) 8021HTAN (22X12)
CR-24-12-XX 8021ATN (26X12) 8021PTATN (26X12) 8021LTAN (26X12) 8021HTAN (26X12)
CR-30-12-XX 8021ATN (32X12) 8021PTATN (32X12) 8021LTAN (32X12) 8021HTAN (32X12)
CR-20-12-XX 8025ATN (22X12) 8025PTATN (22X12) 8025LTAN (22X12) 8025HTAN (22X12)
CR-20-18-XX 8025ATN (22X18) 8025PTATN (22X18) 8025LTAN (22X18) 8025HTAN (22X18)
CR-24-12-XX 8025ATN (26X12) 8025PTATN (26X12) 8025LTAN (26X12) 8025HTAN (26X12)
CR-24-18-XX 8025ATN (26X18) 8025PTATN (26X18) 8025LTAN (26X18) 8025HTAN (26X18)
CR-30-12-XX 8025ATN (32X12) 8025PTATN (32X12) 8025LTAN (32X12) 8025HTAN (32X12)
CR-30-18-XX 8025ATN (32X18) 8025PTATN (32X18) 8025LTAN (32X18) 8025HTAN (32X18)
CR-24-12-XX 8031ATN (26X12) 8031PTATN (26X12) 8031LTAN (26X12) 8031HTAN (26X12)
CR-24-18-XX 8031ATN (26X18) 8031PTATN (26X18) 8031LTAN (26X18) 8031HTAN (26X18)
CR-30-12-XX 8031ATN (32X12) 8031PTATN (32X12) 8031LTAN (32X12) 8031HTAN (32X12)
CR-30-18-XX 8031ATN (32X18) 8031PTATN (32X18) 8031LTAN (32X18) 8031HTAN (32X18)
CR-40-12-XX 8031ATN (42X12) 8031PTATN (42X12) 8031LTAN (42X12) 8031HTAN (42X12)
CR-40-18-XX 8031ATN (42X18) 8031PTATN (42X18) 8031LTAN (42X18) 8031HTAN (42X18)
CR-30-12-XX 8041ATN (32X12) 8041PTATN (32X12) 804LTAN (32X12) 8041HTAN (32X12)
CR-30-18-XX 8041ATN (32X18) 8041PTATN (32X18) 8041LTAN (32X18) 8041HTAN (32X18)
CR-40-12-XX 8041ATN (42X12) 8041PTATN (42X12) 8041LTAN (42X12) 8041HTAN (42X12)
CR-40-18-XX 8041ATN (42X18) 8041PTATN (42X18) 8041LTAN (42X18) 8041HTAN (42X18)

**Covers are designed to fit around designated risers.
**IE: CR-10-8-96 cable riser will fit inside an 8011ATN (12x8) notched cover.