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Fibercrete®  Pull Box Divider Panels

These fiber-reinforced panels can be used to create internal separation within your Concast pull box.  Ideal for boxes that house both power and communication cables. These dividers are available for all pull box sizes; standard ones are listed below. Aluminum sleeves & Tapcon screws are included for field installation.

Adobe_pdf_logo Pull Box
Divider Panel
Pull Box
Outside Width
Pull Box
Outside Height
Pull Box
Wall Thickness
PB-38-42-DIV 38 42 4
PB-38-53-DIV 38 53 4
PB-44-42-DIV 44 42 4
PB-44-53-DIV 44 53 4
PB-40-54-DIV 40 54 5
PB-56-52-DIV 56 52 4

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