Fibercrete box pad designed to support Multilink OTN Cabinet equipment

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Multilink OTN Cabinet Switchgear Box Pads

Concast offers Fibercrete®  box pads that can be used to support electrical equipment produced by Multilink OTN Cabinet.   Please contact us with your application requirements, and the engineering team at Concast will work with you to identify the best box pad for your project. We offer many customization options including clamps, threaded inserts, unistrut, knockouts, and holes.

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OTN Cabinet P/N
Cabinet Base
Box Pad
(W x L x H)
Box pad
Concast P/N
14002 - 2 Bay 36.5 x 54.5 42 x 58 x 12 FC-42-58-12-OTN2
14001 - 4 Bay 36.5 x 78.5 42 x 82 x 12 FC-42-82-12-OTN4
14000 - 6 Bay 36.5 x 106.5 42 x 110 x 12 FC-42-110-12-OTN6