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Transformer Gang Box Pads

These Fibercrete®   box pads are designed to support a gang installation of multiple single phase transformers.  Fibercrete®   is a precisely engineered GFRC composite; providing a lightweight box pad with high strength and excellent durability. Openings can be customized, & non-standard boxes are available.

Adobe_pdf_logo Gang Pad Length
(L x W)
Of Openings
FC-40-74-15-2-2826 40 74 15 28 x 26 2 6
FC-42-82-12-2-2224 82 42 12 24 x 22 2 5
FC-42-132-20-3-1616 42 132 20 16 x 16 3 6
FC-44-111-36-3-1122 44 111 36 11 x 22 3 7

If you need changes to any of the above box pads, print out and mark up the appropriate drawing from the chart above with your design requirements.   Email or fax it, and Concast will get back to you with recommendations.

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