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Galvanized Steel HTSG Replacement Covers

Concast offers special traffic rated galvanzied steel covers to be used for a variety of applications including replacing covers used in existing trench runs.   Ventilated covers are also an option.  The chart below are just a few examples of custom HTSG covers.

Adobe_pdf_logo Galvanized Steel
Heavy Traffic H20 Rated
Rib Width
HTSG14.524-.38 (11.25) 14.5 24 11.25 .38 51
HTSG28.536-.38 (23.5) 28.5 36 23.5 .38 145
HTSG28.548-.38 (23.5) 28.5 48 23.5 .38 194
HTSG43.520-2.13 (37) 43.5 20 37 2.13 123
*Rib width corresponds to channel inside width.

Other sizes, traffic ratings, and designs are available upon request.  Refer to our replacement cover sizing worksheet which is available in both a pdf file as well as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet if you are considering getting custom covers for an existing trench run. The worksheet is a great communication and planning tool.

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