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Split Flat Pads

Fibercrete®  split flat pads are ideal for instances where an existing pad is damaged and needs to be replaced. Concast's split pad design features two pad pieces with connecting hardware as shown.

Adobe_pdf_logo Std. Split Pads
Waffle Bottom
FP-30-30-3-1016(6)-SPL 30 30 3 110
FP-40-40-3.5-1225(6)-SPL 40 40 3.5 190
FP-42-42-4-1326(5)-SPL 42 42 4 251
FP-42-45-4-2012(6)-SPL 45 42 4 248
FP-42-48-4-2612(6)-SPL 48 42 4 270

Replacement Procedure:

  • Lift equipment from existing pad. It is generally not necessary to disconnect the cables.
  • Cut out the existing pad.
  • Slide the new Fibercrete® split pad into place, and bolt the two pieces together using the hardware provided.
  • Re-attach the equipment to the new flat pad.
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