Link to CAD image of single ladder rung

Pull Box Ladder Rungs

Concast can add ladder rungs/steps to many of their pull boxes.  These steps are simple to field install.  Pre-drill 1 inch diameter holes wherever you need the rungs, and then drive them in with a hammer until it is firmly seated in the pull box wall.  These rungs are constructed of a copolymer polypropylene exterior with a 1/2" diameter Grade 60 steel reinforcement bar in the center.

Order part number STP-2 for a ladder rung with a stainless steel core. Click here for specs.  These are great for applications that require frequent submersion.   Both versions meet ASTM-C478. 

Ladder Rung Core Description Notes
STP-1 Grade 60 Steel  
STP-2 Stainless Steel Water Submersible