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Trench Supports

Aluminum trench supports are used in trench runs requiring pedestrian channels to be stacked vertically.  Stacking typically occurs where the cabling must be routed to different elevations.  For example; when multiple pull boxes are built into a trench run, the trench intersects a box at one elevation, and then adjoins the box on the other side at a different elevation. 

Trench Support Width
Of Span*
Of Support
8010TS 10 48
8020TS 20 48
8024TS 24 48
8030TS 30 48
8040TS 40 48
8050TS 50 48
8810TS 10 96
8820TS 20 96
8824TS 24 96
8830TS 30 96
8840TS 40 96
8850TS 50 96
*Span width corresponds to the inside width of a Concast pedestrian channel. IE: 8020TS fits in an 8020 channel.