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Sealants & Bearing Pads

Vulkem polyurethane sealant is designed for use on poured and precast concrete surfaces. P/N: 8004 has demonstrated superior primerless adhesion to pourous substrates, and is the sealant of choice for commercial industrial expansion joints. Click here for Vulkem application instructions

Concast offers C-56 Butyl Mastic Joint Sealant made by NPC Bidco, and it can be purchased under P/N: 8004B. This sealant comes in a coil of rope with paper backing & it remains flexible and forms a permanent bond to concrete. It is designed not to shrink, oxidize or harden and has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, acid and alkaline environments.

Sealants & Bearing Pads Product Details
8004 Industrial Strength Adhesive Caulk
Colored Concrete Gray
8004B Butyl Mastic Joint Sealant - For Boxes
NEO Self-Adhesive Neoprene Strip - For Boxes
1-1/2 inches wide
NEO-BP2 Neoprene Bearing Pad Only - For Trench
2 inches wide
NEO-BP2A Neoprene Bearing Pad w/Adhesive - For Trench
2 inches wide