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Aluminum Gutters for Notched Channel

These lightweight aluminum gutters help to prevent the formation of water dams in high runoff areas. They are designed to fit into Concast's  notched pedestrian channel.  See chart below.

Adobe_pdf_logo Trench Specifications
Adobe_pdf_logo Installation Guidelines

Adobe_pdf_logo Gutter FITS CHANNELS REQ'D COVERS
2 Per Gutter
10GN 8010GN or 801016GN 8011 20"
20GN 8020GN or 802016GN 8021 20"
24GN 8024GN or 802416GN 8025 20"
30GN 8030GN or 803016GN 8031 20"
40GN 8040GN or 804016GN 8041 20"
50GN 8050GN or 805016GN 8051

Adobe_pdf_logo Gutter PED. PT CHANNEL PED. PT COVERS
20PTGN 8020PTGN, 802016PTGN or 802024PTGN 8021PT 20"
24PTGN 8024PTGN, 802416PTGN or 802424PTGN 8025PT 20"
30PTGN 8030PTGN, 803016PTGN or 803024PTGN 8031PT 20"
40PTGN 8040PTGN, 804016PTGN or 804024PTGN 8041PT 20"
50PTGN 8050PTGN, 805016PTGN or 805024PTGN 8051PT

*Inside length corresponds to channel outside width.