Link to CAD generated chain image

Safety Chain & Rope

Safety chain is mainly used for non-structural purposes; such as a barrier or to guide traffic. Chain is durable and weather resistant.  Most of the chain is brightly colored and made from high-density polyethylene containing UV inhibitors to resist fading and becoming brittle for a minimum of 5 years.  Concast also has galvanized steel safety chain under part number 8007SG.

Reflective safety rope and hardware are a great option as well. Rope is available in yellow or black. Hardware to be used with the rope and chain can be seen here.

Safety Chain Color & Material Length
Link (inches)
8007BK Black - Plastic 2
8007OR Orange - Plastic 2
8007R Red - Plastic 2
8007W White - Plastic 2
8007 Yellow - Plastic 2
8007Y-3 Yellow - Plastic 3
8007SG Gray - Galvanized Steel 2

Safety Rope
Color Width
Rope (inches)
ROPE-5-BK Black .50
ROPE-5-YW Yellow .50