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Toggle Nuts

Concast offers threaded toggle nuts for yet another way to mount your equipment in their precast products.  These nuts are installed onsite; allowing greater mounting flexibility and accuracy. View the video clip to see how simple these nuts are to install; as they utilize a simple stabilizing technique similar to drywall anchors. The assembly is a combination of plastic and zinc alloy.

Adobe_pdf_logo Toggle Nut Thread Dia.
Drill Dia.
Pull-Out Value
Ultimate Tensile
TN.25 1/4-20 UNC 1/2 1,080*
TN.375 3/8-16 UNC 3/4 1,745*
TN.5 1/2-13 UNC 3/4 2,038*
* Pull-out values are approximate and can vary based on material thickness and type.
* Industry standards recommend 1/4 of ultimate test load.
* Pull-out values based on independent laboratory tests done according to U.S. Government standards. They should be used as guides only and cannot be guaranteed.