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Tie Straps and Weld Straps

Tie straps and weld straps are used to attach channels to one another, and prevent them from moving independently.   They are usually attached via weld plate or threaded inserts which are cast into the Concast trench. Corresponding channel is part-numbered with a -TP or -WP exension; IE 882016HT3-WP.

CS-STRAP is a 50 foot roll of galvanized steel that can be cut into 9" long pieces and then attached to standard channels with concrete screws. Concast recommends using their 1/4" x 1.25" long screw with part number CCSCREW-1.25. Channels will not require any cast-in hardware with this strap.

Adobe_pdf_logo Strap Description Clearance Holes Material
T-STRAP Tie Strap Yes Stainless Steel
W-STRAP Weld Strap No Plain Steel
CS-STRAP 50' Roll of Steel Strap Yes Galvanized Steel