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Swivel Hoist Ring

The forged swivel hoist ring is designed to thread into the cast-in inserts located in Concast's heavier pre-cast products.  The rings are made from an aircraft quality alloy with a black oxide finish.  Swivel hoist rings are designed for lifting at any angle because they can swivel 360° and pivot 180°.   These rings meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B30.26.  Each hoist ring is 200% proof-load tested with certification.  A nut and washer combination for non-insert applications is also included with the unit assembly.  We recommend using our 4-way lifting chain (or equivalent) in conjunctionwith the hoist ring.

Swivel Hoist Ring Diameter
Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod
Max Load
9002.38 3/8-16 UNC 1 1,000
9002 1/2-13 UNC 1.25 2,500
9002.75 3/4-10 UNC 1.5 5,000
9002L 1/2-13 UNC
Only to be used with 2" or deeper threaded inserts
2 2,500

Adobe_pdf_logo Swivel Hoist Ring Replacment Bolt
With 2 Replacement Clips
Threaded Rod
9002RB 1/2-13 UNC