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Sealants & Bearing Pads

Vulkem polyurethane sealant is designed for use on poured and precast concrete surfaces. P/N: 8004 has demonstrated superior primerless adhesion to pourous substrates, and is the sealant of choice for commercial industrial expansion joints. Click here for Vulkem application instructions

Concast offers C-56 Butyl Mastic Joint Sealant made by NPC Bidco, and it can be purchased under P/N: 8004B. This sealant comes in a coil of rope with paper backing & it remains flexible and forms a permanent bond to concrete. It is designed not to shrink, oxidize or harden and has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, acid and alkaline environments.   This can be used with the FHREX extension rings at the seam between rings.

Sealants & Bearing Pads Product Details
8004 Industrial Strength Adhesive Caulk
Colored Concrete Gray
8004B Butyl Mastic Joint Sealant
NEO Self-Adhesive Neoprene Strip
1-1/2 inches wide