Aerial views of the Zumbrota plant and both Wanamingo plants
Trench Systems produced by Concast, Inc.
Trench Systems
Fibercrete Box Pad
Box Pads
Concast Flat Pad
Flat Pads
Hand hole units for both pedestrian and heavy traffic applications
Handhole Units
Concrete Box
Pull Boxes
Large Concrete Vaults for Vista Units
Vista Vaults
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Green Energy
Production productions such as Fire Stops, Cable Support Blocks, & Corner Protectors
Cable Protection
Replacement covers etc for trench and other applications
Custom Covers
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Lot Management
Prefabricated Concrete Accessories from Concast

Meeting precast concrete needs for over 50 years

Concast is continually working to find new product solutions that will supply our clients with the best line of precast concrete materials in a timely manner, while still upholding our high quality standards.

We have specialized in precast concrete products for the electrical industry since 1969. Our products are also fundamental to the windfarm, utility, and general construction industries. Our Trench Systems, Pull Boxes and Handholes are utilized for below-ground substation control, communications and power cables, waste water recovery systems and industrial piping distribution.

Concast's Box Pads, Flat Pads, and Vaults are an ideal underground solution for routing cables to padmount, padmersible and submersible apparatus such as transformers, switchgear, inverters and sectionalizing equipment.

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