Fibercrete box pad designed to support S & C PMX switchgear

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S & C Electric System VI Metal Enclosed Switchgear Box Pads

Concast can build pads to support the S & C Electric Company System VI Metal Enclosed Switchgear. Just send us the footprint details of the cabinets in your application, and the engineering team at Concast will design a custom pad configuration ASAP.  We offer many customization options including clamps, threaded inserts, unistrut, knockouts, and holes. If other hardware is needed, please specify when ordering. 

This system allows a continuous raceway below each S&C unit in the System VI line-up. To install the modular flat pad system, backfill against the exterior of the installed trench channels, and place the flat pads over the channels. The cable openings in the pad must be positioned to allow access into channels below.

Adobe_pdf_logo Generic Modular Flat Pad System Reference Drawing